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Full text of "Annual Evaluation Report Fiscal Year 1984"

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(CFDA Nos. 84,015, 84.016, 84.017, 84.153)


Legislation: Higher Education Act of 1965, Title VI, as amended by
P.L. 96-374 (20 U.S.C. 1121 et seq.). (Expires September 30, 1985)

Funding Since 1980:

Fiscal  Year                   Authorization                   Appropriation

1980                               $75,000,000                       $17,000,000

1981                                 52,750,000                          19,800,000

1982                                30,600,000                         19,200,000

1983                                 30,600,000                          21,000,000

1984                                 30,600,000                          25,800,000


Undergraduate International Studies and Foreign Languages Programs: To
(1) assist Institutions of higher education to plan, develop, and carry
out a comprehensive program to strengthen and improve undergraduate in-
struction in international studies and foreign languages, and (2) assist
associations and organizations to develop projects that will make an
especially significant contribution to strengthening and improving under-
graduate instruction in international studies and foreign languages.

National Resource Centers: To promote instruction in those modern foreign
languages and area and international studies critical to national needs by
supporting the establishment, strengthening and operation of such programs
at colleges and universities*

Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowships: To meet the needs of the
United States for experts in modern foreign languages, area studies, and
world affairs by supporting fellowships for advanced study at institutions
for higher education.

International Research and Studies: To improve foreign language and area
studies training through support of research and studies, experimentation,
and development of specialized instructional materials.

Business and International Education Programs; To provide suitable inter-
national education and training for business personnel in various stages
of professional development, and to promote education and training that
will contribute to the ability of U.S. businesses to prosper in an inter-
national economy.


Undergraduate Programs: Accredited colleges and universities, and public
and private non-profit agencies and organizations.

 Student Loan program's Auxiliary